Property matters

You may be at the stage of wanting to sell the property or you may be wishing to learn more of your available options and the key things you need to do, whilst you discuss this amongst your family or friends.

However, before you consider this, there are some key things we recommend you do first in respect of security of the property and of your loved one.

  1. Change the Locks. For all you know, your relative or friend may have given keys to the house to many people.
  2. Forward their mail. After you have stopped the junk mail that you loved would have received, through the stop mail section on the site or by going to; we recommend that you, consider forwarding mail to your home or business address. You never know who may contact the deceased, especially around the holidays. Then, you can let them know what happened. Receiving the mail will help you figure out who creditors are, whether payments were current and if there are subscriptions you need to cancel.
  3. Whilst you may have found most of the legal documents and the information that they contain, it is also worth searching in areas that are non-obvious, such as under floorboards in the bedroom, as valuables can be stored in the most unthinkable of places. This isn’t always money and an important or cherished document could be easily left behind.
  4. Shred any sensitive documents that you do not need in a further step against Identity theft.

By following these key initial steps will help in preparing for what you choose to do next. You may wish to sell the property, to let it or neither. For free confidential advice, we are here to explain the legalities and options available to you when it comes to the managing of the house.

The Bereavement Support Network offers a free helpline to establish whether you need probate and where to get the relevant forms. They can advise on what you need to do this yourself and outline the mandatory costs you will have to pay. Please call our freephone number 0808 168 9607. The service is manned between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm weekdays if you need to call, wherever you are calling from in the UK.