When the person has died in a hospice

Following a death within a Hospice, the Hospice will have formal procedures to follow to ensure that the deceased are cared for in a dignified and respectful manner.

The healthcare professionals caring for the recently deceased will often be the first contact for families, helping to explain what to do next and how to do this locally

Most Hospices will also have a dedicated department, often called the Family Support or Bereavement Support department. These specialised teams are designed to support families both pre and post bereavement, covering practical, social and emotional needs.

Each Hospice will provide differing levels of support, which will be tailored to be the needs to the individual. For further information, we would recommend that you contact the Hospice directly to discuss what is available in the local area.

Most hospice will provide written information, often in a booklet, that will confirm on a local level, immediate practicalities including where the local registration offices are and funeral choices too.